What is Tile Bullnosing?

Tile bullnosing is the process of adding a finished, aesthetically pleasing edge to an unfinished,, natural or man-made tile, which also protects the edge from chipping and cracking.

Natural stone tiles such as granite, marble, and travertine, are popular choices for new construction and remodeling projects. Decorative stone, ceramic, and porcelain tiles are economic substitutes for massive stone slabs because tiles can be easily installed by one person rather than a team of football players.

However, most stone tiles, and some ceramic and porcelain tiles, require the addition of a smooth, rounded edge, a "bullnose", to make the trim tiles.

What's a Trim Tile?

Professional installers classify tiles as either "field" or "trim" tiles. The field tiles are placed in the main or center area of the tile project, and the tiles placed along the edge become the trim tiles.

Imagine a field next to a street. Wherever the field meets the street, there needs to be a trim, like a curb.

A tile bullnose, also called a surface trim or surface bullnose, is a field tile with one edge rounded over ("O.R.E." one rounded edge.) Not all tiles need to be bullnosed; the bullnose edge is only needed around the margins of the tile installation.

Every installation is unique. The installer selects and arranges the tiles for the best effect and then identifies which tiles are the trim tiles and which edges must be bullnosed. Then, the installer sends the tiles to a bullnose service.


Bullnosing is not a Do-It-Yourself Task

Bullnosing tile is not a do-it-yourself task. Bullnosing requires specialized equipment for cutting, grinding, and polishing natural stones. When ceramic or porcelain tiles require bullnosing, the tile must be cut, bullnosed and then the edge must be polished, refinished or reglazed and kiln-fired to mirror the surface finish.

We provide all of these services in an affordable, fast and friendly environment. We have a reputation for the best quality bullnosing in the business. We create the highest quality refinishing, glazing and polishing finish; we always round corners, and there are no minimum order requirements.

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